Daring Dialogues Consulting
Shane Whalley, LMSW
Storyteller, Educator, Facilitator
Links to see or hear me in action...
Awards to date...
--UT Austin School of Social Work Alum of the Year - 2017
--Austin PFLAG Outstanding Educator Award - 2014
--Texas Exes Teaching Award - 2011
--AIR Award (staff member who supports LGBTQ students at UT) - 2011
--UT Austin School of Social Work Adjunct Lecturer of the Year - 2006
--Texas Exes Teaching Assistant of the Year - 2003

A bit about me...

As a deeply relational and playful genderqueer facilitative educator, I have been facilitating workshops and conversations on issues faced by the LGBTQIA communities, cultural humility and responsiveness and social justice frameworks for over 20 years.  My knowledge comes from my lived experience as a now elder within the genderqueer and queer communities.  My lifelong journey as a learner brought me to the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin where I completed my Master's in 2003 and continued on as an adjunct faculty member to the present day.  I enjoy engaging in conversations around the complexities of "all the things" whether as a mentor, consultant or educator.

My intersecting identities...
Decoding the colors: 
Blue - Places where I have privilege
Fuchsia - Places where I face oppression
Green - Transitional spaces