Daring Dialogues Consulting
Shane Whalley, LMSW
Storyteller, Educator, Facilitator

Things you can expect my workshops to be:


--interactive & conversational

--questions welcome and encouraged

--customized and tailored to the needs of the group making        the request

Workshop possibilities include:

"Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: It Takes All Three"

A framework of diversity brings difference in the room, but often in name or "checkboxes" only. A framework of inclusion creates more space for the voices and presence of difference in conversations, and yet does little to ensure equity of access to the resources and supports available.  Moving towards a framework that includes diversity, inclusion AND equity ensures justice and a brave new world for all.  In this workshop, we will deconstruct these three crucial concepts and reassemble them to build a fully functional "three-legged stool" that all people can sit on without worry. 

"Beyond Cultural Competency: Moving Towards Cultural Humility & Responsiveness"

When I hear the term cultural competency, I think about having a checklist of how to treat someone who belongs to a certain identity group.  I actually don't think it is that simple. In this workshop, we will discuss how to go deeper in our relationships.  Questions that may emerge and be explored could include:

--How do we acknowledge systems of oppression in our work?

--How do our identities play out in conversations? 

--How do we navigate these differences?

--How do we stay in conversations when our impact is different than our intention? 

--How do we listen for and navigate the language people use for their identities instead of what we think is correct?

--How do we take risks to have more authentic conversations with people?

"Tips & Tools for Allyship"

In this workshop, participants will explore the differences between being an ally and being in allyship to oppressed communities.  They will deepen their understanding of the four components of allyship: awareness, education, skills and action. I will provide the awareness and education for the frameworks of allyship. Using the collective wisdom of the group, we will then brainstorm strategies to assess and sharpen our skills and put them into action.

“No Thank You, I Don’t Need Your Gender Rulebook, I Brought My Own”

Some of us are given a blue gender rule book and some of us are given a pink one and then some of us take the best of both to make the most glorious lavender rule book ever.  In this workshop, I share stories on what this process has looked like in my life.  I talk about the politics of gender and give tips on how to navigate the world as a genderqueer with humor and fierceness. I share pictures and some of the history of the "T" in LGBT movements and my hopes for a future in which all gender identities and expression are welcome. 

"LGBTQIA:  The Basics"

In this workshop, participants will learn not only about vocabulary, but also how to navigate language used in the LGBTQIA communities.  Participants will learn how to debunk myths about bisexuality.  They will also learn about gender identity and expression and the issues facing the transgender and gender non-binary communities.  

“Bathroom Bills & Beyond: Supporting Folks who are Transgender and/or Gender Non-binary ”

In this workshop, participants will learn the difference between birth-assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.  They will learn the newest vocabulary being used in the trans and/or gender non-binary communities as well as the issues being faced by many who identify as trans and/or gender non-binary.  We will close with conversation about how to actively create more inclusive spaces and experiences.

Specialized Workshops

If you are looking for a workshop on a specific topic related to issues faced by LGBTQIA communities, cultural humility and responsiveness and/or social justice frameworks, I would love to work with you.  I can tailor topics to the needs of your particular organization and/or the populations you work with. In the past, I have developed workshops on LGBTQ healthcare, needs of trans people in homeless shelters and working with LGBTQIA youth in a variety of settings.

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